Ultra Sonic cleaning is a relatively new thing! It really came in for cleaning carbs. These tiny little cheap machines can only clean small parts like carbs or little bits of gold and silver!

For years we had used degreasing baths, where you have to scrub away for hours on end and when you got home the wife says ‘you stink’! It was so normal – hands deep in dirty degreaser!

Today I can’t stand the smell of these degreasers!

Ultra sonic cleaning, is a high intense vibrating machine, far too complicated to go into. What it does is cleans with little bubbles and gets into places normal cleaning can not do.

We invested in our machine as we do so many engines and engine welding repairs. The idea was – buy a machine large enough to drop a full engine in and clean it, with out getting the little pinkies dirty. Then you can strip it, again without getting the pinkies dirty – well thats all in theory! You do have to move things around in the machine and you so have to strip some bits and put it back in the machine.

And the cunning plan was to use the Ultra sonic cleaner to help us cleaning out cracks in casings so we could weld with no oil in the alloy! This didn’t really come to plan! But it’s does clean like nothing else. It’s perfect to clean casings so when you work on them your hands are not covered in oil as oil on the hands when you’re welding is a no no.

Clearer the better! If you take a job to be repaired and it comes back as dirty as it went in – is the job done right?

People comment on how clean our engines are after work, threads are clean no need for you to run taps down the threads they are clean. A motor cleaned and prepared by us means you have a totally clean blank canvas to work on.

And every tuned kit comes ultra sonic cleaned so theres no swarf and you can just fit it.

We can Ultra sonic clean a full engine down to the smallest part and of course including carbs!

Our Ultra sonic cleaner is big, big enough for a full engine or the smallest part. The dirt on the outside is splashes off the floor when we wash off parts off. Its stainless steel throughout it just wipes off

Its perfect for all the tuning work we do

Only cost £15’000 plus cleaning products! A major investment

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