Not only do we do the MBgm Race-Tour cylinder kits going out pre tuned with a 28/30mm MB inlet manifolds matched and flowed bolted on. Here we have a customer who’s just returned from the French Euro and realised he needed more power for the Swiss Euro a year later.

I took a phone call with some questions about the RT kits modified for Reed Valve. Now, if your right with me I’m right with you, not only did we talk Scooters and the Euros we’ve both been on but I could give advice to the super roads over to Davos in Switzerland as I’ve been a few times on the big bike. So I had a clue to what type of Scooter engine is needed to climb these massive mountains.

Really all you need is a very torquey engine which the RT kits are. Add a reed valve and the extra tuning and things improve on the pulling side. Not only will they pull the steep endless passes but they will storm down an autobahn at speed pulling high gearing. And not only will they do that but they will give better fuel economy over other cylinders making a long trip abroad a fun experience!

A day later the order was placed and I did the tune and mods to a new kit and was posted the same day! I think that’s service for you?

And cylinder tune MRB1734, who’s done more?

Fit two studs in the inlet port and offer up the MB shorty Reed block and scribe where the fins need cutting

Grind the fins and keep offering up the reed block until it seats on the gasket face

This is the amount of fins which need removing

Boost ports need marking out to suit the ring peg positioning

Finish tuned and flowed into the inlet port

The new MBgm Race-Tour forged pistons which come with the new RT kits

A MBgm full skirt piston modified for reed tuning

MB shorty Reed block, opened, matched and flowed to the inlet port

Sand casting surfaces cleaned and flowed where it’s needed

Inlet port opened out

Inlet port lowered and shaped to the reed assembly

Reed boost port cut into the cylinder, which is very important, transfers cleaned up but not tuned

Rounded inlet shape for reliability

Port edges chamfered along with the transfer cleaned up

Transfers cleaned up and dingle berrys removed

Clocking up some cylinder kits now!

Mark Broadhurst, if you have any questions ask

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