Whats this then?

A mk one, two, four or version x. y, z or 10.223 plus or minus one point 2 and half?

When someone calls or emails to say I’ve got an Imola or Mugello and it’s blown up or it’s not right, or have you got a piston, it’s too slow or hard to kick over what can we do to help?

The first thing I say is ‘do you know which version it is? And the answers is ‘no or I think it’s a so and so’. I say ‘send it in or bring it in an we’ll have a look – thats all I can do because I haven’t much more of a clue than you’!

Most of the time the compression is too high and doesn’t like our modern fuels so the head needs the compression lowering. And over the phone which head is it? And it’s starts again, I ask what inlet manifold is it and again umm not sure, I ask what are the studs on the top of the barrel?

By this time …….. it’s still a case of ‘oh just send it in and I’ll check it over’.

This is a V4 I think!

But is different on the transfers feeds to the last one I did. The last one had empty space where the casing should have been.

This one the inlet, transfers and exhaust port that are all altered and flowed to suit the customer who wanted a fast around town motor for fun.

The head has been altered as it was over 11.5:1 so I’ve played safe as I like to if possible and lowered it below 10:1. This version only uses 3 mounting points for the inlet manifold, which obviously isn’t working here you can see chatter marks on both sides of the reed manifold, cylinder and inlet manifold, so I suggest in future these reeds get siliconed sealed to prevent this happening again.

But as a standard package the kits not bad I would just like to see some standardization in manufacturing, it’s a bit like an Escort mk1 to a mk 4 or 5 or 6 they are nothing like each other why don’t people change the name or mark it so we all know what we are talking about.

So don’t go and say I’m always slagging dealers off I’m just pointing out our job is not easy when things go wrong.

An Imola ready to be reworked in the transfer feeds

Inlet port ready to be flowed

Standard Inlet port ports ready to modify

This version has 4 extra bolt holes but only 3 is used

A standard center bowl head,  check out how far away the plug is which needs altering

This version uses a recessed inlet manifold and cylinder, check out the chatter marks

This one has had a loose reed valve when run before, I suggest each side is silicone sealed

This version uses a cut down reed block to work

Lots of damage on a bad design

Modified lower compression head, the head standard is a little on the high side for todays fuel

Inlet manifold now flowed

Inlet port now flowed

Exhaust port modified and flowed

Transfers cleaned and flowed

Transfers inside the cylinder are modified, leveled and widened

Boost ports are modified

Exhaust port matched to the exhaust flange used

Mark Broadhurst if you have any questions emails

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