Another Genuine 200 ready to be put back on the road.

This casing came in from an ex pat in Australia. As you can see from all the markings it was what you called…….. Proper F@@ked!

I put it off for 3 years! Every now and then he would email and ask on progress, which prompted me to have another look and confirm it was F@@ked still and it went on.

This casing did push me to designing my own MB Special over sized inserts and stepped studs as there wasn’t anything out there commercially to do the job.

In August I got an email to say he was heading to the UK for the IOW rally and if possible could I manage to do it?

So again I went and found the casing to confirm exactly what I thought, leaving it 3 years didn’t make it any better!

With a warning shot email – it’s going to cost you, he said carry on, so I did!

Nearly every thread was gone, or repaired in a bad way. There was cracks, and there was badly welded repairs, there was the obvious and there was some cosmetic wear. Even the rear brake cam was worn out as was the casing where the gear arm pivots! It was F@@ked!

And so I went grinding out old welds, grinding out cracks, welding, machining, more drilling, tapping and fitting inserts and machining threads, then more grinding and grinding and polishing and finally finished off with our bead and aqua blasting services to hide all the work – after 15 hours it was done!

It came out okay………….. check out the photos what do you think?

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