Ever worked on your back end and thought, theres got to be a better way?

Today working on your Lambretta on the floor is a right pain in the knees and back.

I work on a bench as and when I can and need to. It’s all about making life easier for your self especially if you’re a professional and work on Lambretta every day.

Now any one who does work on a Lambretta will know working on the rear hub, wheel, brakes, adjuster and cable can be a pain.

Once the wheel is off, how do you keep the frame from falling over or dropping on you. Of course we have the spare wheel jack stand, but how many times has that slipped and nearly chopped your fingers off.

Yes you can add blocks under the number plate but sometimes theres a mudflap to work around, block up on the stand brackets and its all loose and wobbly.

So I came up with this for my own use, the first customer who saw it said ‘Are you making those I’ll have one’ So we did.

Here’s our new MB workshop stand, you fit it into where the spare wheel jack stand fits, it then butts up against a solid piece of aluminium on the casing and once fitted all you need to do is stand on it and it lifts the back end off the floor. All you may need to do is bock the frame stand to stop it wobbling.

Now fitted you can remove the wheel and work on your brake area.

When you’re done, just lift the bar, the wheel drops to the floor and the tool can be removed.

If you work on the floor or on a stand its just a very simple tool once you’ve used it, you’ll say ‘how did I ever work on my back end before’.

Another tool added to our tooling list.


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