These are new, they won’t make your Lambretta faster and they won’t make it any more reliable, but if you’re a Race-Tour convert you can wear these with pride.

You wouldn’t believe how hard its been to design these badges. They started with a hand drawing, then passed it to my computer design man who gave me various versions, which were altered a few times until I was happy. I then went and forgot we did them as other projects got in the way! So months later we relooked at the design, talking with the laser cutters we had to nearly start again! I had my logo in my head and how I wanted it using the hyphen then realised there was weak points thinking forward to polishing them. When we cured one weak link it showed another weak link.

In the end we settled with these – a MB quality badge made in stainless steel, which are nice to the eye, easy to read, strong and showing the common combinations 195, 200, 225 and 230 to suit the Race-Tour cylinder kits.

And they are time consuming. Once laser cut, they are counter bored on our milling machine to suit the rivet, pre bent on the rolling machine, then rumble polished to blend off the sharp edges, then hand polish don a fixture and wiped! If you don’t have any of these machines how can you make a badge!

These are pre curved to suit Series 3 legshields, they are soft enough to bend or tap back flat with a rubber or nylon hammer to suit side panels and Series 1/2 legshields.

Fitting is easy enough, check out the photos on how to……..

1) Mark where you want them to go

2) Drill the 2 holes at 3mm, on the back side deburr and slightly counter bore the legshield

3) Offer the badge in place pushing in the rivets

4) Hold the badge with masking tape with the rivets fitted

5) Use a large hammer on the badge side and from the back side, with a smaller hammer gently tap the alloy rivet over

6) You can polish the alloy rivets quite easily by various methods, then clean up and stand back – thats another 5mphs faster gained

Race-Tour 195 badge

Race-Tour 195 badge alloy version

Race-Tour 200 badge

Race-Tour 225 badge

Race-Tour 230 badge

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