Developing and manufacturing some products take time, here you can see the developing of the new RT kits for 2013

Been working all afternoon on tweaking for the new MBgm Race-Tour cylinders with heads.

Heads make a massive difference to power output and reliability.

Here I’m showing some different heads

1) AF type machined for a 70mm piston

2) SIL head machined for a RT 230 Reed cylinder kit and

3) the first samples of our new Race-Tour billet heads.

These new billet heads have 5 more extra fins on top so has more fin area, no need for a big head for most people and you don’t need a new cowling it just fits and works. They have been dynoed in Germany and run much cooler and get this………. my new combustion chamber design with repositioned spark plug gives an extra 1000 rpm on top end without losing bottom end power! So an added bonus it’s all coming together.

I’ve got to tweak the tooling moulding to get the ports 100% compared to 95% correct, anyone else would let it go but I’m not like that. The pistons are done and now I’ve tweaked or found the faults on the CNC program the heads will be in full production in a day. The new CNC billet heads are going to be machined to suit all sorts of engines especially the TS1200/225, RB200/225/250, Rapido 200/225/250 and all the others!

Advantages of our MBgm CNC billet heads

1) extra cooling

2) more power

3) fits with all standard cowlings

4) will work with any engine

On about under pressure!

On Friday the Race-Tour die cast cylinder tooling arrived from the manufacturers. The samples to date have been excellently made but I’ve had a couple of little niggles with the porting layout. The test samples are all running and I’ve just slightly tweaked them to be right but long term if the tooling was perfect then the full production kits would be perfect. I had do samples and returned them to the manufacturers but I still wasn’t 100% happy.

Honestly I’m sure I’m getting OCD I can’t let the odd little thing go and it’s got to be perfect. The other week I spent 5 hours setting and doing computer drawings to be told the manufacturers wouldn’t understand and finally the decision was made to get 88 kilos of solid steel shipped around the world for me to look at. I’m no tool maker so it’s taken a bit to get my head around the porting its all in a mirror back to from image. And on about heavy! I did 2 hours work on Friday and another 5 hours today and about another 10 hours left. Whats done is looking good and Ive managed to tweak and weld areas to make them perfect for full production.

MBgm RT195 Cylinder kit

MBgm RT195 Cylinder kit reed converted

MBgm RT195 Cylinder kit Suzuki version for long rods

MBgm RT225 Cylinder kit

MBgm RT225 Cylinder kit reed converted

Last month I told you how I had modified the new tooling for the RT cylinder kits. The solid blocks of steel cost over £2000 in postage to and from the manufacturers. It took me 30 hours of grinding and polishing to tweak the RT 195 and 225 to something like I was happy with and within 2 weeks the manufacturers had cast a cylinder, done the machining and plated the bore. Now that’s what I call good service. So here they are the two samples for me to say ‘OK lets go with it’. And I was been pressed hours before I clapped my eyes on them. For a mass produced kit the castings are very good. The order has been confirmed so now we wait, with demand like the Clubmans it’s going to be a busy year and there are loads of other parts due very soon to take the Scootering world by storm.

Mark Broadhurst, if you have any questions please Email mark@mbscooters.co.uk


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