We don’t see many of these things these days, I’m quite glad I find them a little embarrassing to have my name to them. What do you mean what am I on about? Well I spent a week of my life tweaking and grinding and filling a TV175 cylinder to put this cylinder into production. The sample was perfection. When it went to manufacturing and came back it was nothing like what it should have been! Long story but they really are crap. In the beginning we sold around 200 kits, but as the ports were so bad and different from one cylinder to the other I had to tune each one.

In the end I gave up and pulled out of selling them, it’s a shame really the idea was good and by all accounts thousands have been sold by other companies who put their name on them and they’re always on ebay and they’re always on forums with people asking what to do with them. I could go on and on but I won’t, you can read the story in our Tech-Site. I’ve a big letter explaining how this one didn’t work and kept going wrong and that’s how I got it.

I really have forgot how bad the ports are, after 6 – 7 hours of tuning and sculpture work on the ports it’s ended up like an old type stage 6 tuned kit. It’s been rebored out to a MB Race-Tour piston at 64mm with a Indian head modified the MB way to run with modern fuels and all the soft stud holes have been repaired with Timeserts. The ports are done to my Touring – Torquey Tune to be a super fast tourer which suits the customers requirements. The Dellorto MB Inlet manifold has been bolted and flowed. With what I learnt doing the original similar ideas were put into our MB Race-Tour pistons and cylinders ten years later.

You can read more about the SR story elsewhere.

Here it is from start to finish a rough slightly tuned from the original supplier  to a SR 190 conversion done to stage 5 – 6 the MB way

Mark Broadhurst, any questions ask mark@mbscooters.co.uk

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