I’ve been using these tools since the 1980’s and have used them on every engine rebuild and other jobs as well. These new 6, 7 and 8mm stud fitting inserting tools are based on my own hand made tools.

We’ve been selling other tools for some time but as usual they were not thought about and all used 19mm hex heads. On 6mm threads you could over do it and snap a stud over tightening them and they also left a round indent in the top of the stud – not good! 

With our design we’ve made each size the same diameter as the hex head of the nut/screw. So 6mm uses 10mm hex, 7mm uses 11mm hex and 8mm uses 13mm hex head. Same spanner for the tool as the nut hex. 

Not only that, but ours are marked on the 3 flats, so easy to sort out where ever they land. Ours don’t indent the stud either.

All you do is finger screw the stud into the tool, use a little bit of loctite on the thread to fit in the casing then screw the stud with the tool like its a screw – the stud locks in the casing and undo the tool leaving the stud in place – easy.

Ok you can use other methods, but this is the most simplest, quickest, safest way to fit 6, 7 and 8mm studs.

They are available as a kit or individually.

6 x 1mm

7 x 1mm

8 x 1.25mm

Any questions ask

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