Once I saw a complaint on FB about our side panel clips which was on a Spanish Jet. I pointed out the clip was fitted from the wrong way, from my memory of having my first Spanish at 17. Ive always fitted the front to back as it’s an easier fit. 

Luckily for me we had 2 New Old Stock Spanish Scooters on show in the shop. So I removed the panels and realised they did fit clips from both sides. We checked Italian frames and other Spanish frames and found, which I suspected why a clip fits one way and doesn’t fit very well the other way. The rear legs on Spanish bikes are pressed wrong. The factory didn’t get the press tooling centered so one side is wider than the other. A clip fits from one side but doesn’t from the other side.  

When you check an Italian frame they are pressed more centrally.

Anyway, I looked at our clips and they were tight one side and fine from the other side.

This in mind, I’ve re drew the drawing and thinking out of the box – how can I improve such a simple pain in the arse thing!

These clips have always been a pain to fit and takes some messing about to not scratch the paint. Yes theres little tips but it’s still a pain.

But not now – look at our clips shape.

We’ve taken an average to fit all frames from either side. We adjusted the design so the clip slides over the paint easily without digging in. And we’ve designed them so the rubber also slides in place. If you have a loose pressing, you can nip the clip a bit tighter.

And this time we’ve made them in spring steel and coated them Black as per originals.

You can buy a clip on its own or you can buy a pair of clips and rubbers.

These clips and rubbers fit all Series 3 makes and models. 

Clips on their own

And a pair of MB clips and MB rubbers   

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