The best – just got better from MB Scooters Ltd
We’ve been making our Lambretta MB Race-Tour reed assembly for years with the sand casting method – now we’ve improved it – with a lighter die cast alloy manifold and slightly shaped to cut off less fins.
We’ve also improved our Reed gasket to be more – crap fuel resistant.
We’ve used this Reed assembly on all our MB Race-Tour Reed conversions over the years to great effect. Our little 6 petal Reed block works as good as a V-Force 4 Yamaha type. It works better than the V-Force 3 Honda type. They produce more power than the Yamaha Reed blocks and more power than the other little reed blocks on the market.
You can now have flange rubbers to suit Dellorto PHBL, PHBH, VHSA, VHSB, Mikuni 35mm, PWK and others.
Designed to work with most large block piston port cylinders.
As part of the Reed conversion tuning some fins need removing above the inlet port. Always match the inlet face to the reed manifold, increase the inlet port area and add a boost port, swap or modify the piston to give 360 degrees inlet timing.
You can see 25bhp and over 20 lbs torque with a touring tune, thats some motor that will plod around at 20mph in top gear to over 80mph in top gear and you can do that without changing gear. Sounds good?
And do right – they don’t spit any fuel and fuel consumption can be near 80mpg!

Of course available direct from MB Scooters Ltd the designers of the product.

25mm version

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