New Lambretta Race-Tour Oval type exhaust gaskets.

Fits all Race-Tour cylinders with 4 studs used and all Oval port cylinders with 2 studs.

We’ve made and used various materials on exhaust gaskets over the years. It wasn’t until asbestos was banned that we started to see issues with materials and chased our tails for a few years to find that perfect material without asbestos! 

We’ve produced a few fibre gaskets in the last ten years, these work great as they are thick and crush up taking out all these weak 5/6mm distorted exhaust flanges. But the early ones went hard and could crack and blow out. We chased to another material but this could stick when removed so you couldn’t reuse them and these could blow out as well. We ended up making a sandwich type with the same heat resistant fibre but with an alloy crinkle sheet in the middle – hhence sandwich. These we great but again the fibre could stick but you could reuse them if you really had to.

The main problem is the exhaust design, it’s been bad from day one, the studs are too far apart – sometime which we’ve addressed on our new cylinder. 

Others are copying our 4 stud exhaust port design without the knowledge that we have, they just copy – they can’t develop because they haven’t got the experience and they haven’t got the customers giving us feed back.

Now some wanted the old solid copper design – we do these and we also do the soft alloy design so we give you the choice.

But I’m always wanting to improve, it’s the only real complaint we see – a silly little thing that can ruin an expensive kit. And the gasket which comes with the kit is not our own and people do complain about those!

Here we have designed again!

I asked for a soft heat resistant fibre gasket but I wanted it protecting – so we wrapped thin copper around it, a bit like some of the old Lambretta designs and the SIL versions.

These are cut with a hole perfect for a tuned exhaust port and perfect for the Race-Tour cylinder, no need to grind and tune it to suit a big exhaust port breaking away the copper coating like some did back in the day! 

And of course these don’t come cheap, not like a simple cut a piece of fibre.

Now the gasket will distort to suit the exhaust flange, it takes the heat and it shouldn’t blow out – well that’s if you don’t reuse them a hundred times. 

Gaskets should be a one fit item – just saying, carry a spare!

Price at £4+ don’t complain about the postage add to the order and spread the costs. To process, parcel and send a single gasket we make a loss! 


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