I’m sure some will say ‘what a load of rubbish you don’t need this’. But ……..

I’ve fitted a few drive bearings in my time into hot casings and you have to be careful not to burn your knuckles on the casing offering up the bearing. One day I thought, I’m sick of this and found time to machine this new handy tool which fits into the inner hole of the drive and rear hub bearings and is held in place with the O ring.

You can now fit the bearings in a hot casing with out burning your self.

Neil happened to be passing as I was building a casing and said ‘wow, I want one of those what a cracking idea’ so that was good enough for me to produce them.

Now it’s not just an easy fit tool.

We’re coming across a few casings that leak gas/oil/fuel around the outside of the bearing and this is on new casings more so than old casings but it happens on both. You need to seal the bearings in place to stop these leaks. This can be a messy job holding the bearing in one hand and carefully smearing sealer around the bearing with the other, then handling the bearing to get it in place without getting sealer into the bearing!

Now…….. it’s dead easy, fit the bearing on the fitting tool and it leaves your fingers free to do the job properly and cleanly.

Both drive and rear hub bearings need sealing in this way.

This tool is not a full fitting tool, it mush not be used to hammer bearings in place – its does say this on the tool. This is a tool to fit the bearing on it’s first fit. If the casing is machined correctly and heated up enough a bearing will fit straight in place – but you really need to lock the bearings in place with a good fitting tool.

This tool just makes life a lot easier on a rebuild, it can be use to wiggle and get the bearing central before using the puller and it can be used to do that all important smear of sealer.


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