Wow at last I’m drained with this one……. 10 – 15 years of thinking and re-thinking and re-addressing an idea to try and improve the now very old original top chain slipper.

This is commissioned in an engine I’m doing and basically it was money no object, to ……. ‘get on with it’!

I’ve lost count how many I’ve made but judging by all the bits of card, scarp bits of metal etc it’s a few, how many hours I’ve put into it I can’t remember but it’s done!

More like a top chain shoe than a slipper.

This fits the 20 x 47, 5 speed box which I’ve fitted, this was easy but to make one to fit all sprocket combinations is much harder.

Here’s some photos showing 20 x 47, 18 x 47, 15 x 46 with worn and new chains!

It works. I’ve got to re-tweak it a bit and make another one, then I’ve got to work out which way to but them into production!

Here’s some of the ones I worked on.

Mark Broadhurst If you have any questions email mark@mbscooters.co.uk

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