A customer asked to show him some photos of our modern day KDX cylinder conversion on a Lambretta engine casings, so though I would share it wit you guys.

It’s for sale if someone is interested £750

Would fit with a 58 or 60mm crank, the cylinder can be bored out for a bigger piston so its a fun conversion to finish off.

The casing is new and has had the crankcase mouth fully welded, machined and tuned to suit the cylinder.

There’s a thread running on Scooterotica at the moment for one I did 20 years ago, it was barrel number MRB401 from memory, that was a Air Cooled KX250 made to fit.

As with the other one I would reshape the inlet port add an external reed block so it clears the frame and go from there.

I looked at a 76mm piston but it’s not practical I guess a 72mm is ideal, of course we keep these on stock.

Just needs a piston matching to a crank!


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