No it’s not an MZ head!!!!!!!!!!

I saw one of those modified in the 90’s and the welding was embarrassing it had so many holes in it. The MZ one could not be used without welding.

When we needed a big head for the race team I looked around and found a Kawasaki head which needed a few mods to make it fit a Lambretta. So to make life easier I did a bit of filling and shaping and developing and we had a casting mold which is still around today 20 years later and the original that most dealers still use. 20 years ahead of anything else now available on the market.

By all accounts it zaps heats from the cylinder and cools nearly as good as a Liquid cooled head. So if your in the market to make an over cooled fast cylinder kit work then this is maybe for you.

Our MB big heads are made from real cast alloy, the same as car heads, cylinder blocks and gearboxes. They are heat treated and hipped to remove any porosity. We have them CNC machined into blanks ready for me to tweak machined to suit piston size and domes used.

Here are photos of a blank head machined to suit the customers requirements, using some of our very old tooling which still works without a problem. Always insist on genuine MB products, not copies……..

Mark Broadhurst any questions email mark@mbscooters.co.uk

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