Here we have new Lambretta headset bottom screws which are a fantastic new idea to made life that little bit easier.

I find theres nothing worse some days bending down to find the slot to fit a screw driver to unscrew the screws – especially first thing in the morning! It’s even worse when you have a bike on the ramp and the front wheel is clamped as you can’t get to the screws because of the legshields!

With these screws they are easy to use by hand with the knurled section, you have grip even with greasy hands. Simply screw them up as far as you can by hand then nip them up with a socket or spanner, even easy with the front wheel clamped up.
Some headset tops don’t have full threads or have paint and crap in them, so these may not nip up perfect. We also sell as part of our Lambretta tools section a 5mm tap and tapping handle – also handy for other things on a Lambretta,

Made from stainless steel, you get 2 screws and 2 star washers in a set. Series 1 and 3 use the short screws and Series 2 uses the long screws.

Headset screw set Series 1/3 pair

Headset screw set Series 2 pair

Tool tapping handle 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm

Tool tap 5 x 0.8mm

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