Here we have our latest Lambretta gear adjuster block.

The original Innocenti designed adjuster block has always been a pain to adjust the gear cable near the wheel. You always had to remove the clutch inner to get to the adjuster screws – that or struggle pulling the clutch inner out of the way!

We’ve been making a version of these since the 1990s. Firstly they were cast in alloy and we used to machine them in-house. As time went by we paid for more tooling and die cast them in steel.

Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with our old ones, but something always niggled me about the design.

I wanted to improve them but never found time. It wasn’t until I was remaking the gear selector arm and making jigs and fixtures to give to the manufactures so arm and splines were perfect, that it came to me! The gear adjuster block, gear swivel, gear change arrangement was never perfect.

Yes okay we know they work, but when you’re in business and see adjuster screws worn through from the inner cable rubbing and people saying they can’t get 1st or top gear or have stiff gears! You know theres an improvement to be made.

When you set up the swivel with cables and move the gearbox around on dummy engine – you can see the system is floored.

So making a one off adjuster block. I reshaped the two gear cable points to come in line with the swivel in all gear positions including using a 4 or 5 speed. I’ve increased the size of the screws from 7mm thread to 8mm thread which allows a larger internal hole to stop the inner cables rubbing and causing friction. The clutch is repositioned again so you can adjust all gears with the clutch cable in place. The adjusters have been redesigned to use a 10mm hex, with a nut also 10mm meaning a smaller easy way and only one sized spanner instead of two different ones. And I’ve also lengthened the part where the cable goes in to keep the outer cable straight inline with the inner again to avoid friction!

Again made in stronger die cast steel as the alloy versions can break or seize up. Now plated in anti rusting zinc plate, the 3 screws are made in stainless steel. These come with stainless mounting fixings and gasket. And of course it’s backed up with MB on it showing the mark of quality.

TOP TIPS; Grease the screws when fitting, grease the swivel, trunnions and tie bar and regularly spray with something like WD40 and the linkages stay clean and will last for ever. The stud fits toward the front of the bike leaving the dome allen cap to help adjustment on the screws.

This isn’t your latest must have useless product – it’s a top quality must have practical improvement for all Series 1, 2 and 3 Lambrettas.

Adjuster block

Most will have the rear brake cable clip but if not we do a stainless steel version separately priced at

Adjuster cable clip

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