This is such a common damage problem!

Most engines come in for other work and there’s aways this damage. It’s not really structural damage just cosmetic, but the area here is not thick – it is thin and in some cases it could be worn through into the gearbox.

This job is one of the easiest jobs I have to do, no one else bothers to do anything about it. So Im not re grinding out old welds others have made a pigs ear of! There’s no faces need machining, all I have to do is pre the case, heat it, weld it and gently grind it back to shape.  I do it to make casing look original. 

This casing was a perfect 150 casing which only came in for this repair. You dont need much heat and penetration here, if you do the casing sinks into the gearbox side. 

Usually this damage is from a wheel rm thats come loose or the rear hub has come loose.

Always tighten the rear hub nut to 110 – 120 lbs ft.

Always check wheel nuts are tight especially if the hub/rims are painted/powder coated these take time to settle down and use nylon nuts.

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