This is Rob Miller, my mate, everyones mate and all round good egg! And ex MB race team rider and many times a winner! He’s the reason Dave Webster stopped racing, saying many years later, ‘Rob beat me twice on my last race, the racing was getting so fast I gave up!

Robs been a close friend since he raced for me in the 90’s. We’ve even been known to stay at each other houses, we’ve even been known to go mountain biking together and its even been know to have climbed a mountain or two and its even been known to have had a few drinks together! That and done rallies together and ate copious amounts of food. Above all he’s the one I probably talk more on the phone than anyone – he’s great to unload all the developments and problems I come up against and he loves it.

Now he’s retired there’s nothing more he likes to do than tinker in his garage building and riding all sorts of Scooters and he’s even won best in show this year with his new Ducati Cruiser! Open his garage and theres a row of nice model D’s, Tv175, Sx200’s and the odd race bike and I think I’ve tuned most of them at least once.

Today he spanners his clubs Wearside Wonderers endurance race team. It’s any excuse to bring the race motor to play with – I say race motor – it’s not – its the same as I do all my road RT195 Reed motors. Or he brings his road motor for a dyno day, trying different exhausts, stripping the top end, having a play and lots of compares for our exhaust developments.

As he’s good with spanners, it’s always a day I look forward to, it’s not work it’s fun! He takes the pressure off. He can spanner, I can work the dyno, work out what’s going off and do compares whilst he’s on his hands and knees. By the time were done, he looks knackered and still has a 2 hour drive home.

Now when you’re doing all this – its one step forward and three steps back – frustrating, but good to have a sounding board to bounce off when he can remember things we did and I forgot.

The graphs show our new pipe compared to a MBgm V1-3 which is always a good pipe on any motor. For ages I’ve been developing a couple of new pipes to give more pulling power to the V1-3, I’ve been working on low end power without loosing mid and top end power and I’ve been working on a wide spread of smoother power – a smoother graph gives a smoother quicker engine on the road. Im not one to chase peak horse power and make a motor hard to ride. The beauty of my motors is – they are rideable, reliable and drivable! Put in the right hands these are flying machines even though your not looking at big bhp figures!

With the new pipe Robs RT225 Reed road motor is showing 24.2bhp and 19.78 lbs torque and the endurance RT195 Reed is showing 22.3bhp and 16.65 lbs torque. Both are drivable from nothing, I test these types of motors at 25-30mph in top gear through my village, leaving the village is up hill and you can wind on and pull away without dropping a gear – the next you know your doing 80mph on country lanes!

Both motors you can thrash non stop all day and they just keep going.

All in a days work.

Any comments email mark@mbscooters.co.uk

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