A customer brought in this Sx200 engine casing to be not detuned, like some ask for but to be – de customised!

I was told it came from a well know Sx, which I think was a Royspeed with loads of history, when I saw a picture of the bike I recognised it from magazines and knew the old owner.

This was found next door to where he lived, who didn’t know what an iconic bike it was, until by chance the number plate popped up and cross referenced – well the story went something like that.

The question was – could I grind out all the engraving, blend it in so it wasn’t obviously done, weld and repair a couple of cracks, then blend it so it wasn’t a custom job keeping the knocks and bangs and patia but make it look nice!

I wasn’t even sure how it would come out but after grinding, polishing, more grinding, more polishing, a few hours in our rumble machine, degreased in the ultra sonic, dried, bead blasted, paint stripped a few times, ground and polished a few more times,

bead blasted again and finally aqua blasted and over 8 hours later it was done!

Now if you haven’t got all the equipment to do these jobs you can’t do them right.

All in a days work, another MB restoration!

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