Repair – Hub threads


I’ve done a few hubs in my time, its usually snapped studs and where someone’s drilled them off set and it needs a weld repair.

The problem with this hub is the threads had gone, not because its been over tightened but the metal is soft with no strength especially when its got a silly 1mm thread pitch.

But it did weld a treat – better than any Italian, Spanish or Indian casting. And because of the alloy rods we use the threads are stronger and better to machine.

So 2 hub thread holes cut out, ground, welded, machined and rethreaded.

Now you can not just grind down the faces on hubs. You don’t want a front wheel wobble for faces been not true, the faces have to be machined true to the bearings and spindle and to do this the hub needs mounting in a lathe with trueing dollies and slowly machined correctly.

And really you don’t want to hand tap a 10 x 1mm left hand thread in aluminium, of course you can but its much better mounted in a milling machine and tapped true!

For this job you need a Tig welder, lathe and milling machine as well as all the sundry workshop tools – if you haven’t got these in house you can’t do the job right!