It’s new – totally new and – re designed! Okay there’s ignition switches and then there’s – this Lambretta Race-Tour ignition switch!

The quality is unbelievable. Everyone who’s seen the samples have gone wow – positive key positions!

Not only that, but the rest of it oozes quality and it should – the manufacturer makes switch gear for Japanese car and bike manufacturers – and that’s good enough for me.

There’s only one way to design a new product and thats the MB way – thinking out of the box!

There has never been an ignition switch that ‘FITS ALL’. Ignition switches have only ever been fitted to certain models namely the Sx/Special and Gp range. Li’s never got a switch – well until now.

This has been a 2 year project, we tried one manufacturer who made a switch based on a sample. The sample was only to give an idea on size – they never even looked at my drawing! The drawing was based on a blank I machined up that fitted all headsets! In the end we gave up with the first manufacturer and found the new one. They did read the drawing, but said it couldn’t be done, so I told them ‘yes it can, Ive made a switch that works follow the functions Ive given you’. After a lot of emails and redesigning the information, the sample arrived which only needed some small tweaks.

And here it is, not only is it a first – one switch that ‘FITS ALL. But is also a first, in that you can wire it as you want to suit your electrics and ignition.

This switch can work as

• All AC

• AC and DC

• AC and trickle charge DC

• Or full DC

And another first. With a normal DC ignition switch, the headset stays live when you remove the key! This one in the off position isolates the battery so there is no power at the headset with the key removed! So no brake light or horn with the key out. It will help with battery loosing power over time but it can not cure this, a battery will discharge over time. The only cure is an isolator switch on the earth or pull the wire off if left a long time. It’s a down side but not really – why are there so many battery trickle chargers sold for cars and bikes?

I chose not to have the parking light function – I could’nt see the point!

This switch work like this………..

• ‘0’ Off position – everything dead

• ‘1’ Ignition, brake light, horn (toys live)

• ‘2’ Ignition, brake light, horn (toys live) city lights

• ‘3’ Ignition, brake light, horn (toys live) main lights

The wire colouring is similar to Innocenti switches – so easy enough to follow. The terminals are correctly crimped and also have plastic covers and the earth is coded Yellow/Green with a ring terminal. And they come with 3 keys marked MBS.

They should fit all Series 1, 2 and 3 models without grinding, including Italian, Indian and Spanish! They work with all light switches. And they can be used to power sat nav’s, phone chargers, speedos, rev counters, spot and fog lights etc. The switch also comes with 3 spacer washers to set perfect headset position with the chrome bezel.

Example wiring diagrams for the ‘FIT ALL’ MB Race-Tour ignition switch can be found here.…/downl…/switchdiagrams.pdf

Examples of how the ‘FIT ALL’ MB Race-Tour ignition switch works can be found here.

MB Scooters fit all AC, AC/DC, DC ignition switch

Race-Tour is a trade name for MB Scooters Ltd

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  1. Russell Barber 11th March 2024 at 8:42 pm - Reply

    Hi Mark
    The link doesn’t work with wiring examples


    • Mark Broadhurst 11th March 2024 at 10:01 pm - Reply

      Sorry repaired now, thanks for the heads up

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