A customer pops in and asks for me, so I down tools and Im greeted with a set of forks to weld the dampers on and check out.

With a ‘oh and post them back when done’! He then proceeded to have a big list of spares he wanted to buy. Hearing this I said, ‘have you got an hour I’ll go and do them whilst you wait’ and off I popped down the workshop to jig up and get on with them.

And not just a quick set up and weld the brackets on. As usual one of the boot fork link washers was off and the bar wouldn’t go through equal – so thats a grind a washer off, set up in the jig, weld the washer, weld the brackets and on these the fork stops were damaged so they need welding as well.

An hour later I was back in the shop and he was still buying parts!

It turned out I had supplied a few Suzuki 170 T5 kits in the 1990’s and I’d also built him a T5 190 engine and loved it thrashing it from day one, which lead into talking about a Lambretta engine rebuild.

He was back into it and always wanted a cut down and wanted me to do an engine for him, he’d done his research asked loads of questions and agreed a RT reed was going to suit him – bonus another engine in the queue!

All in an hours work and another hours conversation!

Now if you haven’t got the jigs, tools, machinery and know how you can’t do these jobs!

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