I’ve seen a few of these over the years.

In theory a Lambretta 225 shouldn’t run because of the thin spigot.

Years ago I had a run in with Wiseco where I said ‘your pistons are designed wrong’ and they argued the toss that they were correct!

I sent a damaged cylinder for them to inspect and they said ‘this will never run no wonder youre having problems’!

I replied ‘well have run cylinders like this for 40 years’!

And with that they were stumped!

Guess what? Wiseco changed their piston design a few months later and the problems disappeared! Funny that!

Anyway some TS1’s and 225 cylinders are weak at the spigot, some casings are tighter that others and sometimes people just hammer cylinders in.

So this cylinder comes in for some repair work, he had fitted those new super lock washers and guess what they locked so tight the customer had to chisel off the head so the head and cylinder needed machining, plus we saw a crack which needed repairing before we could ceramic plate it.

Here it is, start to finish. Scrap to back on the road. All in a days work as usual.

Mark Broadhurst if you have any questions email

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