I keep showing broken Spanish casings and still people say they are stronger on forums! I don’t think so. I’ve seen and repaired more Spanish casings than any other type. Here we have a 150 block, it’s in perfect working order, all the threads are like new and there’s no damage to the casing…… apart from I looked in the usual area around the engine number and noticed a hair line crack underneath the engine number which went through into the number and run half way down it!

But looking around I couldn’t tell if they were casting flashes or cracks, so an easy way is to heat up the casings which opens up any cracks, as I did this there was a ping and another crack appeared from the original crack straight out into the gasket face! Great! Ok I could repair it, grind out the crack and engine number, then mill it flat and loose the number! But I thought if I’m clever and very lucky I could keep the number just in case it matches the frame by welding from underneath right to the number and hopefully the alloy didn’t disappear! So here you can see where I’ve chased the crack and filed in the brake inspection holes and as it’s a later Spanish block filed in the useless neutral hole.

And I very nearly got a way with it……… The alloy did react and blobbed a bit, in the end I only lost one and half numbers but the casing still looks standard! Few! Thats another Race-Tour 195 Reed motor to rebuild now.

Mark Broadhurst, email

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