MB Services – Casing restoration

Another TV200 engine repaired and restored at MB Scooters. Seems I do get through a few TV motors! 

This casings had some grinding, welding, fettling and some threads repaired with MB inserts – then it’s been restoration finished the MB way – all done in house!

Now there’s various ways we can restore casings depending on the customer and what can actually be done with what we have in hand. It’s so easy to just bead blast a casing or aqua blast a casting. Our quickest way yo make a casing nice after so welding work is to bead blast then aqua blast one.

But all casings vary depending on how many winters they’ve been driven and stored out side. That road salt gets everywhere and over years with road grime, petrol, oil and water it all eats away at bare aluminium and leaves various pit marks from tiny to deep. 

Removing pitting is not easy, yes you can grind away and keep going until you’ve made the casting really thin. Or you can accept – it’s got pitting! So what! And it’s also got some patina marks and some people want them to stay, to keep it looking more original than custom polished.

This casing was no exception. After it was ultra sonic cleaned, there was marks and pitting to the 3 casing parts. Some areas were better than others, so decided to make it look similar all over to blend in the pitting and patina by using different media in our rumble machine. The side cover was so bad which is very common that I had to hand polished and grind out deep marks then run it over the polishing machine before it was bead blasted prior to the rumbling system.

On this one I’ve actually added more pitting to make it all look the same which has blended it in all over. I’ve then worked it down and given it a semi shine in the rumbler then finished it off with a shine and blend in the aqua blaster.

Note – Ive kept the original looks by leaving the casting flashes so its got that factory look. 

Another TV200 heading for the road.