Every Lambretta should have these fitted!

Okay others have done a similar thing. But this one fits straight in place of the original items and also the frame and fork dust covers fit as standard. 

The trick is – we haven’t used an off the shelf oversized tapered roller bearing! We’ve gone and made the bearing in the size perfect to fit the Lambretta bottom steering column.

The advantages are, the taper roller bearing uses more surface area spreading the load and the taper allows you to finely tune the steering column.

The set is a straight fit, just remove the lower steering bearing bush and remove the fork bottom race and replace the new lower steering bearing cup in the frame with the standard but stainless steel dust cover. Fit the improved shape stainless steel fork dust cover and tap on the new taper roller bearing on the forks.

Tip – do yourself a favour and get a flap wheel to clean out the paint and rust inside the lower steering column of the frame, at the same time take a bit more metal out. You don’t need 10 tons to fit these bearings the cup should be an easy tap back in the frame or use our fitting tool.

Same for the forks, some are loose, some are perfect and some are tight. Again clean the paint and rust and a little bit more if tight with some emery paper type stuff, it just needs to be a simple tap in place – not a hammer it to death in place!

The frame bush is shorter so it fits all Series 1, 2 and 3 frames and the fork dust cover is reshaped so it doesn’t cut into cables.  

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