If you asked me a few years ago I’d be making my own oils I wouldn’t have believed it. I had talked with a few oil manufacturers over the time but you would phone, they would say how great they are and then just stop emails and ignore you. It’s the same with lots of UK manufacturers, I don’t know how they stay in business.

This oil came about strangely enough through one of my oldest customers from the 1980’s. I still remember him walking up my terraced street in Grimsby and we’ve kept in touch ever since. He now works at an engineering place and was working with Kev from Aztec oils. Kev was passed to me to see if I would promote Aztec oils in the Scooter world. I had a message and the same day Kev called in for a chat.

Aztec oils are a British company based in Derbyshire not far from us. Kev was keen, offered lots of products and information and we had a long chat about oils.

Now I’d found Maxima oils a long time ago and moved on leaps and bounds with it having had to dump another British oil company that caused us all sorts of problems. After testing Maxima gear and 2 stroke oils I was happy to sell it knowing how good it was. 

I asked the question ‘is your oils as good as Maximas’ and the answer was let’s takes some samples and test them – umm bonus this could be interesting. 

And so it began. Our various oils was tested and information returned in days, with follow up phone calls, emails and visits.

Our aim was – can we produce a Gear and 2 stroke oil under the MB banner that would be as good or better than other oils on the market – but at the right price!  

Gearbox oil was easy enough. It was harder to design and get the labels printed correctly! 

The Maxima oil was tested and compared to some of Aztecs oils. Maxima wasn’t what it was supposed to be, it was a mineral oil, but it was good. I was involved with Stickies European tour engine and he found his engine temperature went down with Maxima oil – a big plus!

If Aztec could give us an oil to compete or be better than the Maxima oil I was interested! Especially if we could drastically reduce the price as Maxima really was pushing the limits of what people were prepared to pay.

It turned out they had a special oil that fitted the bill and compared to our Maxima gear oil but was better. It was a multigrade semi synthetic oil that was made for a customer. This oil has been tested in 2 different makes of motorcycles, one with known clutch slip and one with a known clutch drag – the oil cured these problems!

It turned out the more we looked into this oil – it was a wonder oil that could be used in a 4 stroke engine or a 2 or 4 stroke gearbox. Curing clutch drag and slip and be a multigrade oil covering a wider range of temperatures than the standard SAE30/ST90 mono oils could do. And at the same time take temperatures and stress much greater than anything our engines could produce.

Basically this oil is a – modern oil – improved for modern engines but working perfectly well on older classic vehicles! 

It’s a leap forward bringing Classic Scooters into this modern world. 

Let’s face it – the recommended Mono oils used in Lambretta and Vespas are from the 1940’s/50’s and 60’s they are old and oils have come on along way since those times.

This universal modern gearbox oil is available direct from MB Scooters.


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