MB Products – Dellorto fuel banjo

This is the latest must have Scooter part that everyone needs, simple, easy to fit and it works even better than before…….
It’s without doubt the Dellorto PH range is the most popular aftermarket carb in the Scootering world.
Thats for many reasons, but it does have a fault and in over 40 years of been on the market has never been resolved! Until now.
Whatever your motor, getting the fuel pipe in a good position is always impossible and its always a compromise to avoid rubbing or air locking.
As part of our improvement in manufacturing Dellorto parts we have made a metal fuel banjo that comes in at an angle so fuel flows better and you can spin it a full 360 degrees without the banjo or fuel pipe hitting any thing.
If you run a Lambretta you can flow the petrol pipe to clear cowlings and panels and loop the fuel pipe to give a direct flow into the carb.
Priced at £3.35+ and are available direct from MB Scooters, yes the post is high – Im not explaining that again add to the order to spread postage.