This one we’ve had in and out in dribs and drabs but never enough to announce it to the world. But another container load means we’ve finally got stock.
Here we have our new Lambretta rear brake cable top hats! Top hat he says, that’s the old name as they’ve been modified and now don’t look like top hats! Okay it’s really a ferrule!
Whatever we call them they do the same job but now even better! Normal top hats are short and allow the inner and outer cable to twist and the inner cable can rub on the top hats causing friction and gives a poor rear brake operation.
These longer ferrule stops help to straighten the outer cable keeping it more in line giving less friction. It also allows the inner cable to stay straight, again less friction and a better rear brake feel.
Again as usual these usually rust away so we’ve made them in stainless steel.
Simple but worth while on every restoration or overhaul or repair.

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