As with our own brand gearbox oil, if you told me a few years ago we would be having our own 2-Stroke oil made I wouldn’t have believed you!

Now working closely with English company Aztec oils we can reveal our new MB Scooters Race-Tour 2-Stroke oil.

This new blend of 2-stroke oil is aimed at all types of 2-strokes. From the smallest to the largest. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Scooter or Motorcycle engine it will work and it doesn’t matter how powerful the engine is. 

But it’s predominantly aimed at our core business – The Road Touring Scooter market!

Yes it’s great to have full Race spec £30+ a litre 2-stroke oils, but in reality they are so expensive these days. Unless you’re doing no miles a year people can’t afford these very expensive oils! 

Take a motor that only does 20-30 miles per gallon and you need hundreds of pounds of oil on the bike to get you to a rally and back! Even our high mileage Race-Tour Reed engines still need 2-Stroke oil, but when customers feed back is 70-80 mpg you’re using so much less oil. That is the beauty of the RT motors, good speeds and good fuel economy – eventually makes for a better engine.

And do you really need these £30+ 2-Stroke oils? The very expensive oils will use Ester, Ester is the top oil product to aid lubrication, Ester sticks to hot spot areas making them the best oils. But Ester is 6/7 times more money to buy so these Ester based oils become very expensive. But do you need the top race spec Ester oils? Great if you can afford it and great if you can carry it. In reality our sales for full Ester 2-strokes have slowed at a rapid rate, whereas the cheaper oils were selling more.

We looked at our sales, we looked at what people were doing with it and came up with a 2-Stroke oil blend to suit 99% of people. An oil that works, an oil that is affordable and an oil you can use in less amounts so that litre of oil goes further! Therefore producing an oil to suit everyone!

Our oil is designed to lubricate the internal areas that suffer from lubrication break down from cheaper oils. The trick is the Ester blend sticking to the hot spots – rings, piston, small end bearing, gudgeon pin, big end bearings and shims.  

MB Scooters new Race-Tour 2-stroke oil is a High performance Road – Race Ester 2-stroke oil.

It suits On Road and Off road and it suits Standard, Touring or Race spec engines.

It’s a Highly Advanced Fully Synthetic Ester 2-stroke oil for Motorcycles and Scooters and can be used in Classic or Modern engines, be it Touring or High Performance, Air or Water-cooled engines! Road/Race – On Road or Off Road.

Made to the latest applications JASO FD. We recommend oil mixtures at 30:1 (3.33%) – 40:1 (2.5%) but you can run more or less depending on the application. Obviously a more powerful engine will need a bit more, a lower revving low powered engine will need less.

On the Scooter side, if your coughing and spluttering and smoking around town and not getting the engine to full temperatures you don’t need as much oil. An engine thrashed on the motorways and correctly jetted and set up and run at higher temperatures then you will need more oil.

This 2-stroke oil should not be compared with cheaper mineral and semi synthetic oils. This is a top end Ester synthetic 2-Stroke oil and competitively priced comparing to cheaper oils that doesn’t have Ester in it’s mix.  

MB Scooters Ltd, Race-Tour, Road/Race 2-Stroke oil

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