Once more, into the breach dear Scooterists, Once more…….

Here we go again – human beings who shouldn’t be allowed to touch a spanner let alone try to build an engine.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, this Gp 200 engine casing was a perfectly good engine casing – until Billy Butcher got his Bloody hands on it.

How much silicone sealer do you need? And how much loctite do you need? This is what happens – Too much Silicone sealer, grease or loctite fitted into the threads before studs and screws are fitted is a big NO NO.

Here we have a crack or two in the rear hub bearing area! 

Here we have a few crankcase side stud holes that’s hydra locked the casing and pushed out perfectly good metal!

The casing was scrap – until I got my little grubby hands on it.

Cracks ground away, helicoils removed, metal welded up, and then machined all in house – no subbing out to others. 

The Rear hub bearing area is machined on our miller, but even when you’re as anal as me, you can not control heat distortion – the hole had to become slightly larger to get a fully machined face to stop leaks – MB Scooters are the only people to make different slightly oversized rear hub bearings allowing for this!

If you do any amount of welding to a casing the mag face joint always needs a fine skim, the photo shows why.

Then the welding needs hand grinding to reshape the welds, then disguised so its not so obvious its had the welding done – both different inside and out, slightly rough on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Be careful out there……… be very aware ………..of Billy Bloody Butcher!

Again all in a days work for MrBee.   

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