New super ignition product for everyone!!!

This new Electronic ignition pack is something MB Scooters and Anthony Tambs from Scootronics have been working on. 

It really is a milestone in Scooter developments not just Lambrettas and Vespas but lots of vintage Scooters and bikes as well.

Fed up with electronic ignitions packing in for no reason? Fed up of having an engine that is difficult to start? 

Fed up of misfires? 

Then this kit really is something worth having. And its not just 12 volt Electronics that it can work on, it will work on 6 volts systems as well……..

This will work on 

  • 6 or 12 volt full DC power – with or without battery – power can come from a 12 volt full wave DC conversion using any DC rectifier – MB, Podtronics, Wassel, bgm, Scootronics etc
  • 12 volt AC power – this can come from Vespa type regulator, or from the small AC regulators with DC half wave feed – MB, bgm, Scootronics or similar.
  • 12 volt trickle charge DC half wave power – this can come from the small AC regulators with DC half wave feed – MB, bgm, Scootronics or similar.
  • it will work on any 6 volt DC system.

I was so fed up with Lambretta ignitions packing in and having returns on new parts I pushed Anthony to find something we could improve the problems that everyone one faced.

The main kit we’ve developed is for the Lambretta, but all parts are available separately for Vespas and other bikes. The full kit consists of 

  • High powered AC/DC CDI unit 
  • Mini connecting wiring loom 
  • Separate electronic coil 
  • Left hand stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Right hand stainless steel bracket
  • HT lead
  • Rubber HT cap
  • Fasteners

The Left hand bracket fits on the runner board leg where the original rectifier/junction box fits Series 1, 2 and 3. The CDI square box slots onto the bracket with a rubber mount and buffer so it is flexible. You can still use a round AC or DC type junction box if you’re using that type of loom. 

The right hand bracket fits onto the MB electronic mounting bracket or any of the MB copy castings that are been used, but can also fit direct onto most rear frame struts by tapping a hole and bolting it to the strut with a 6mm screw. The kit comes with a MB rubber to stop vibration on the right hand bracket. 

We also offer a one piece plate that mounts on the right side, this bracket simply holds the CDI and the coil but has holes to mount a regulator/rectifier, a rectifier and even the Scootronic Intel charger. The problem with this bracket is frames are all different – one fits perfect the next needs the CDI mount modifying, the bracket is available separately but is nicer as it puts all your electrics mounted on one plate that removes with two 2 nuts.

There are so many advantages with this kit 

  • It gives a constant spark from as low as 50rpm giving better starting – normal Lambretta/Vespa ignitions need around 350rpm to power up! 
  • It can give an advance/retard curve of around 3 degrees, this is all you need for the majority of engines
  • It creates a better spark so you can feel a better pick from a clearer burn of fuel from low down revs transforming your motor
  • You don’t use the Low tension coils on the electronic stator plate which are one of the main failure points of electronic ignitions

And the beauty of this is – you can…..

  1. Set up your internal normal Lambretta/Vespa system, so you’re using the Low Tension coil and internal pick up pulse coil and ignition time it as you want using the normal Vespa style CDI box. 
  2. Then unscrew and disconnect the Vespa style CDI box, keep it as a spare in your tool box as a get me home if theres a fault with the new CDI kit
  3. Set up the CDI pack, which can work on the normal internal pulse coil or work with the Scootronics external pulse coil …… this is highly recommended 

This system can be run as a stand alone ignition system, it can be used in conjunction with your original system as back up or it could be used as a back up system. If you have a points type system, you can fit the external pick pulse coil and use either the 6 or 12 volt charging system to power the new CDI pack.

This system is so universal its works with most ignitions, theres no need to add on advance boxes to try and find power and better running, its. so good it does all this in one. We’ve seen an increase of around 5% power on high powered engines through a better burn rate.

Wiring this unit is easy, once you have chosen the way you want the unit to power up – either from a regulator – rectifier or regulator/rectifier you need to fit the 2 units as described above. 

  • The CDI comes with a purpose made plug in mini wiring loom with 4 wires and you can’t get this wrong 
  • Green plugs onto the coil 
  • Black next to it connects to the coils earth 
  • Red you need to loop or connect to the Green ignition cut out in the loom and also connects either to the internal or external pulse black box pick up box 
  • Yellow goes to the main power supply either AC supply as soon as you try to start the motor it gets power or as you turn on the DC side from the ignition switch that gives full power 

These are a real must have, available direct from MB Scooters or direct from Scootronics.*scootronics/mbp0582k.html

Any questions ask

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